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A personal loan is a financial loan that is issued by private non-bank organizations for absolutely any purpose. This type of loan is paid in regular installments over a period of up to 7 years.

What distinguishes personal loans?

  • no credit check;
  • the possibility of a loan for the indebted or unemployed;
  • a chance for the first loan for free up to 35,000$;
  • flexibility and variety of offers;
  • thanks to the possibility of applying online, the speed and comfort of receiving money;
  • no collaterals or guarantors.

What conditions must be met to obtain a loan as proof?

  • Be at least 18 years old – as in the case of loan services provided in a bank, the borrower must be an adult in the same way in non-banking institutions;
  • Have a valid ID card – as the name of the loan suggests, the most necessary document is an identity card that has not expired at the time of applying for a loan;
  • Being a citizen of the US – the company has the right to check our citizenship, especially in the case of an online application;
  • Have a permanent address of residence – this is also a criterion required by the lending institutions.

What is the difference between a personal loan at a bank and a non-bank institution?

A personal loan in non-bank institutions involves a simplified loan procedure.  While at the bank, applying for a loan, as customers, we are obliged not only to present the source, amount and duration of employment.  As a potential borrower, our credit history is checked, and often, for the appropriate rating, information about current expenses, education or civil status is needed.  A lot of our data is disclosed to third parties, and in the end the system may reject our application anyway.  In this case, non-bank companies meet customer expectations and simplify the procedure to a minimum.  This makes it much shorter and more pleasant.  In a situation where we need funds immediately, unnecessary formalities only delay the process of granting money, so it is worth using such loans without credit check.  In addition to verifying the basic data from the ID card, we only have a short supplementary form to fill in.

The good news for any person applying for extra money is that in most cases the system of non-banking services gives us a positive credit decision, despite the possible debt, after which we are automatically crossed out as a potential borrower at the bank.  A personal loan is an appropriate way to repair your home budget if previous financial decisions have led to bailiffs or we are in the process of debt collection.  It is not a simple and short-term matter, it often takes years, which is why comparing all current offers is extremely important in order to match the loan to each other and improve the condition of our portfolio.

How can I apply for a personal loan?

There are as many as three types of applying for a personal loan.  We can do it via the Internet, which is the most popular method for Americans.  Without leaving home, we can compare many offers available on the market and adapt it to individual needs.  The second way is the hotline of a specific bank (i.e. a telephone loan) with which we decide to cooperate.  It is also a convenient form of loan, especially for elderly people who prefer to dispel their doubts in a conversation with a consultant.  The last form is a visit to a loan institution, where we will also receive a personal loan with the consultant’s help.

Is a personal loan a good choice?

If you need to borrow money quickly without sending any documents, and you have an ID card, yes.  Personal loans are an instant form of financing, because you get money even in 15 minutes on your account. You can borrow about 35,000$ as a maximum without a certificate from the employer. Personal loans without certificates are also associated with higher loan costs, because the lender has a greater risk that you will have problems repaying the loan and must protect himself by charging a higher commission for such a personal loan.

How does the lender verify our data?

As in the case of the client, the loan company is also exposed to potential frauds, scammers or identity thieves, which is why the data verification stage is a very important stage.  It is used to confirm whether the person applying for the loan is in fact the person he claims to be.  The multi-stage verification gives a sense of security and stability, which is a key issue in the financial sector.  There are several options used by loan institutions:

  • Transfer of a tiny amount, e.g. one cent to the institution’s bank account – most often the amount is returned to the consumer, it is only used to confirm the data;
  • A representative’s visit – it is chosen especially by supporters of having money in cash, it gives the opportunity to complete all formalities outside the Internet;
  • Systems that verify data from a bank account. Through these systems, it is possible to generate a current report on the financial situation of the borrower.

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